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Use of Personal Data
Conyers School requires your consent in order that we may process your claim. If you do not provide your consent we will be unable to process your claim.

Conyers School will share your name, contact details and device details with our insurers, repairers and/or suppliers of replacement devices for the purpose of dealing with your claim. In addition, any information you may provide when submitting your claim may be shared with other insurers and their agents to help prevent fraudulent claims. Burnett & Associates Ltd may pass your information to a claim investigator as part of the standard claim procedure whether at random or specifically selected to help in assessing your claim.
Backup your data
Once a claim is agreed, our insurers will arrange either repair or replacement of the device. Therefore it is important that the user of the device backs up their data as we cannot be held responsible for any loss of data in the event of a replacement being issued. You can find information on how to back up your device by going to
Conyers School, our insurers, service providers, agents and business partners may contact anyone who can give them information relevant to my claim. I confirm that the information I provide is true and if any of the information given by me (or anyone on my behalf) is incorrect, I agree that such inaccuracy may cause me to forfeit my rights under the policy.

Where a representative of the student is completing this form, the representative confirms they have the authority to act on behalf of the student.
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