Contemporary Grow Your Newsletter/Followers (Bonus Book Blast)
This giveaway will include a direct link to your newsletter plus one Social Media Builder. I am keeping this down to a select number of authors and once full will order one item that will include a personalized item that uses the book covers. (Ive made beach towels and blankets in the past that have been big hits). I will email all participating authors once it is full with the start date based on how long it takes me to get the personalized item. The giveaway will run for one full month so that way everyone has time to share and I will send graphics and link before it starts.
Cost $50
Growing Your Newsletter
One Social Media Builder (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BookBub etc.)
Landing page (Your book will be a workable link that leads to your Amazon author page so they can see all your books)
Book Blast for the book you chose to promote

Please send $50 to and include Contemporary Giveaway.
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