WCSC Grant Application
Who Can Apply:
The WCS provides grants and gifts to organizations supporting our local community. This includes, but is not limited to, groups within the high school, middle school, and elementary schools, independent sports teams, military battalions and family readiness groups, church groups, scout troops and Garrison-approved organizations. Said organization must have a verifiable mission or project supporting educational, charitable, or social projects to benefit the local military community. Eligibility extends to regional, national and international organizations that also fit the above criteria. Such organizations must be officially sanctioned or registered organizations through Garrison, DODEA school, church, unit and/or otherwise operating in an official capacity.

Restrictions and Considerations:
- WCSC Grants will not be granted to individuals or for items that will be used for resale or as a fundraiser (for example, items to be raffled), or for prizes, awards or gifts, or to purchase alcohol.
- Appropriated and Non-Appropriated Funds organizations are NOT allowed to solicit donations according to AR 215-1.
- The WCSC does not fund or reimburse for events, items or projects that have already occurred or have been purchased.

How to Apply for a Grant:
- The Grants and Gifts Committee will only review applications submitted on-line.
- Answer ALL questions.
- Be concise and thorough, especially with regard to how the grant will be used and how many individuals will benefit. To expedite the process, answer with as much detail as necessary. (The Grants and Gifts Committee review all applications in confidence.)
- Supply a detailed budget.
- Submit your Grant Application by the 15th of the month; all requests submitted after the 15th, will be held until the next scheduled meeting the following month. The G&G Committee will not review applications the month of December.
- Final submissions for the fiscal year 2020-2021, must be received by May 15, 2021.

What to Expect:
- After grant application submission, the POC will receive a copy of the application to their email, confirming submission.
- After the Grants and Gifts Committee reviews your application, the Chair will email the POC to inform of approval or declined request.

If approved:
- Your organization’s POC will receive a check.
- POC completes and signs WCSC Grant Acknowledgement & Terms Form.
- POC returns form to the Grants & Gifts Chairperson (grantswcspousesclub@gmail.com).
- POC returns all supporting receipts and unused funds within 10 days after the event/ project date. ***Failure to return documentation, receipts, along with unused monies may result in that organizations ineligibility for future grant considerations.***
- Checks for unused monies may be made out to WCSC.

For more information, please send an email to the Grants & Gifts Chairperson at: grantswcspousesclub@gmail.com.
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