CBSS Virtual Learning Option for the First Nine Weeks of the 2021-2022 school year. (Middle School & High School Students Only)
These are the expectations you and your student must meet in order to apply for this virtual option.

1. Student must be capable of working independently.

2. Student will be assigned courses through Edgenuity and other digital platforms.

3. Student will be responsible for completing and submitting work on a regular basis to his/her teachers of record. All work will count towards a final grade.

4. Attendance will be recorded.

5. Parent must provide support and supervise instruction.

6. Before the end of the first nine weeks, we will re-evaluate virtual learning to determine if each student may remain virtual for the second nine weeks.

7. We will adhere to the CBSS Pupil Progression Plan and Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook and Discipline Policy for all virtual students.
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Expectations of Virtual Learning
1. Be positive. A positive attitude about online learning is the best gift you can give your student.

2. Have a designated area for school work. Having a designated area means fewer distractions and getting into a “school mindset” when in that area.

3. Create a set schedule with breaks built in. Post your child’s current class schedule and log in information in a visible location.

4. Create a calendar. Post assignments due weekly and ensure they fit within your student’s schedule which focuses on 1-2 subject areas each day.

5. Set personal goals. Be sure to have your student put goals in writing and post the list where he/she will see it often.

6. Make the most of your resources. Use family members, teachers, school counselors, and principals as sources of information. A good rule of thumb is if your student has been looking for an answer for more than five minutes, reach out for help!

7. Start on track and stay on track. Help your student break down big projects into small, manageable parts—and give each one a deadline.
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