European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018
Hi there and thank you for wanting to be a part of this project!

I'm super excited about the European Year of Cultural Heritage and I decided to open the blog to welcome as many guest bloggers living in/from as many European cities/towns/villages as possible, to share their hometowns. I'm sure my list of "Places to Visit" will blow up after this.

This is an opportunity for guest posts only. If you're a brand or a local travel company, please visit this page:

What I'm looking for:

- One blog post 800+ words about a place where you lived for more than 2 years (as a local or as an expat);
- Content must be written in English;
- One landscape, high-quality photo (for the cover) and one portrait, high-quality photo (for Pinterest);
- You can submit up to 5 photos if you have them or link to your own Instagram photos (please don't link to Instagram photos from others, unless it's a business you're mentioning in the post);
- I'll include two do-follow links to your blog in this post: one to your homepage (included in your bio) and one to a relevant blog post;
- The place you choose to write about must not be extensively covered already. I want this to focus on lesser-known destinations in Europe and highlight the local culture and heritage as much as possible;
- Only mention businesses that are small and/or family-owned;

A few ground rules so we know we're on the same page:

1) Your guest post will be permanently published on Tripper and I strive to have as much evergreen content as possible. This means no references to dates or events that only happen in 2018 (for example: you can say "food festival happens every summer in the month of August" but not "food festival happens from 8th to 15th August 2018)

2) All content must be original (i.e. never been published) and photos you provide must be owned by you

3) Not mandatory, but if you have a "Published Work" page on your blog I would appreciate a backlink to this guest post;

4) If relevant, I will include my own affiliate links in your guest post.

5) I won't make any changes to your content (it's your style, your voice, your article) except correct typos (if you've missed them before submitting it; happens to the best of us!)

6) Not mandatory, but I'd appreciate if you kept the keywords "European Year of Cultural Heritage" in mind when writing your post. Make it neat and natural, no one likes a keyword-stuffed post ;)

7) Please note that depending on the volume of submissions I get, your post can take a while to be live. Once it is, I will email you the link.

Your guest blog post will be promoted as any other one of Tripper's blog post, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and will be included in the monthly newsletter. If you don't have a social media account in one of these platforms, don't worry. I will still mention you and your blog.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Looking forward for your contribution!
Sandra Henriques Gajjar

Email address
Please note that you must be knowledgeable about the place you're writing about. You must have lived there for at least 2 years or more, as a local or as an expat. Give the readers as much details as possible such as location in the country, how to reach, what makes it amazing, etc. Paint me a postcard-perfect picture!

Also, tell the readers a bit about the culture and History of the place. It doesn't have to be a five-page essay but a short and sweet snippet of what makes the local customs.

Name of the city/town/village
About the city/town/village (100 words)
Insights on the local culture and customs (100 words)
Things to do In...
The next section will be the heart and soul of your blog post. Go as deep as you possibly can in each one of the subsections. If you have a story to tell, tell it. We've all seen museums and landmarks but we all have a different perspective of it, right? Cultural travelers want to know what makes a destination, so focus on the places you're writing about not what you think tourists came to see. My goal is to highlight the local communities, make them proud that someone took time to write about their little corner of the world.

There's a chance the order of the sub-headings will be scrambled in the end (I haven't decided on the order yet), so try to make each section stand alone as much as possible.

Places to visit (museums, landmarks, art galleries, historical buildings, etc.). Be as detailed as possible.
Local culture/folklore events (traditional music and dancing, food festivals, etc.). Be as detailed as possible.
Any other events worth mentioning (music festivals, film festivals, art festivals, etc.)? Be as detailed as possible.
Any local artist/author/musician worth mentioning? Be as detailed as possible.
Traditional cuisine. What local dishes to try and why? (if none, write none)
Traditional drinks. What local drinks to try and why? (if none, write none)
Traditional desserts/sweets. What local desserts/sweets to try and why? (If none, write none)
Where to eat and drink? (List local, small and/or family-owned restaurants only please. Add details such as address, social media links if available and why go there)
Perfect local souvenir (drink, food, handcrafts, etc.)
Where to find the perfect souvenir? (List local, small and/or family-owned businesses only please. Add details such as address and social media links if available)
Where to stay? (List local, small and/or family-owned hotels only please. Add details such as address, social media links if available and why stay there)
Any quick tips/practical advice about the place you're writing?
About You
Let the world know the amazing author behind this post!
Your email address (so I can contact you once the post is live. I won't share your email address with anyone nor add it to any newsletters)
Bio (100-200 words in the third person)
Link to your blog homepage (to be included in the bio)
Link to one relevant blog post
Social Media
I won't link to your social media accounts on the blog post but I will tag you where possible when sharing the blog post on social media.
Link to your blog's Facebook Page
Link to your blog's Instagram account
Link to your blog's Pinterest account
Link to your blog's Twitter account
Photos that will make your post pop!
If you have trouble uploading files through this form, please email me the photos (or a link to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to
Landscape-orientation photo (for the blog cover)
Portrait-orientation photo (for Pinterest)
Photos to include in the article (max. 5)
Max. 5 links to your own Instagram photos to include in the article (if no other photos available)
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