Sign Up for Playtesting My Dad's Monster Manual
Hey! Can you help me playtest My Dad"s Monster Manual, a rewrite of the fifth edition D&D Monster Manual I'm doing with my dad?

You can read more about the product here:

The commitment:
I'll send you some D&D monsters to playtest. You get a week or so to test the monster, then provide feedback. You can provide feedback even if you just LOOK at the monster, but if you can play it, so much the better. We'll use Google Forms for collecting feedback!

What you get:
-A FREE PDF copy of the completed My Dad's MM when it comes out.
-Your name and the names of any other playtesters who test the monster with you in the credits of the product.

Thanks! Spread the word and share this link.

Sign ups close at the end of January 2020.
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