Superintendents Survey - Community Members
Idaho Standards for Effective Superintendents
School Culture
Superintendent establishes a safe, collaborative, and supportive culture ensuring all students are successfully prepared to meet the requirements for tomorrow’s careers and life endeavors.
Superintendent is proactive in communicating the vision and goals of the school or district, the plans for the future, and the successes and challenges to all stakeholders.
Superintendent advocates for education, the district and school, teachers, parents, and students that engenders school support and involvement.
Shared Leadership
Superintendent fosters shared leadership that takes advantage of individual expertise, strengths, and talents, and cultivates professional growth.
Priority Management
Superintendent organizes time and delegates responsibilities to balance administrative/managerial, educational, and community leadership priorities.
Superintendent seeks input from stakeholders and takes all perspectives into consideration when making decisions.
Leadership Renewal
Superintendent strives to continuously improve leadership skills through, professional development, self-reflection, and utilization of input from others.
Superintendent establishes high standards for professional, legal, ethical, and fiscal accountability self and others.
Superintendent seeks and implements innovative and effective solutions that comply with general and special education law.
Instructional Vision
Superintendent insures that instruction is guided by a shared, research-based instructional vision that articulates what students do to effectively learn the subject.
High Expectations
Superintendent sets high expectation for all students academically, behaviorally, and in all aspects of student well-being.
Continuous Improvement of Instruction
Superintendent has proof of proficiency in assessing teacher performance based upon the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Aligns resources, policies, and procedures toward continuous improvement of instructional practice guided by the instructional vision.
Superintendent uses teacher evaluation and other formative feedback mechanisms to continuously improve teacher effectiveness.
Recruitment and Retention
Superintendent recruits and maintains a high quality staff.
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