Westgate Pavilion Booking Form
We use this form to ensure we understand your event and requirements. This does NOT guarantee the booking as payment is required to secure dates etc...
If you have any questions please email me direct on lee@westgatepavilion.co
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This is the name of the person booking (and paying) for the booking.
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As above the Surname of the person doing the booking.
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By far the best way to keep in contact and only used in relation to this booking.
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Sometimes we may need to communicate this way and its a good back up to the mobile number.
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Please let us know your full postal address including postcode.
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Please complete all sections about your event. We will be in touch with any questions we have and to confirm your requirements.
Are you selling tickets to attend this event? *
Please let us know if you intend to sell tickets to this event.
Whats the reason for your booking? *
So choose from the list below and tell us the reason for your booking.
If other please explain further.
There are so many things we can cater for at the Westgate Pavilion and need to understand your plans to make sure we can accommodate within our restrictions. Please explain as much as you can your plans.
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Date and of your event. *
Please select the date you are booking the venue on.
What time will your event start? *
Please let us know the time you are putting on the invites etc... as this is the time the bar needs to be manned.
What time will your event end? *
Please let us know what time you would like to end your event.
Number of Guests *
At the peak of the event what do you feel will be the maximum number of guests be? We know this is impossible to get right so we have added some bandings to choose from, give it your best shot.
If you choose self catering you will responsible to remove all food waste and rubbish from the venue at the end of your event.
Food? *
We can offer all the catering requirements you need, just let us know your plans.
We can source DJ's Band etc... for any event or you can find your own, we just need to know.
Please remember the set up time and get out time required for your choice and add this to the duration of hire above.
Entertainment *
Please let us know your plans for the music during your event.
As this is online payments can be made online and we will send you an invoice once we have worked out the hire charge.
We need a £50 deposit to secure the date and the balance due 2 mths prior to the event.
If you are having food then this payment is due 2 weeks prior to the event.
If you have any bands or DJ's we supply payment is to us 1 week prior to the event.
Terms and Conditions
By accepting these you are agreeing to abide by all terms and conditions listed;
I agree that the Westgate Pavilion otherwise known as WGP
Will withhold deposits if bookings cancelled for any reason
Will be allowed to admit who they see fit to the event to help with the running and staffing cover
Will be allowed to photograph and video any activities within the premises for its own use in marketing future events etc...
May choose to evict and ban any guest to the event without reason

I agree that I am responsible for;
Any fines applied for breaking the law whilst in the premises such as smoking on site, under age drinking or PRS issues.
All damages to be paid for within 7 days of invoice supplied to them

I also agree that I am responsible for ensuring any disruption or aggressive behavior in not tolerated and will support the WGP in its decisions.

I agree that these terms and conditions may be added to and altered from time to time and the management of the WGP say is final.

Terms and Conditions
We need this checked before we can continue with the booking.
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