2024-2025 Presentation Request Form
Welcome! Thanks for your interest in WV SPOT. We have implemented this form to help us organize our presentations and do our best to get to as many schools as we can. Please fill it out with as much information as you can provide. Once you have submitted the information, we will e-mail you and begin trying to find an ambassador that can facilitate your request on the day(s) you've specified. Thank you! We look forward to presenting at your school.
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ex: When is your Planning Period?
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What is the location where we will give the presentation(s)?
Presentation Requested *
Check "Any presentation" if you are completely flexible, or check those that you would be interested/willing to have. Read a description of each presentation and learn which content standards they meet here: https://sites.google.com/site/wvaspot/home/presentations.
How many rotations of each presentation are desired? *
Each presentation is roughly 45 minutes (30 minutes for the interactive slide show and 15 minutes for questions). Four presentations is the max we expect our presenters to do in one day. We recommend group sizes of about 30, but we can accommodate assemblies or even multiple visits if necessary.
Would you like to also schedule additional time for a hands on activity?
Hands on activities are available for groups of 30 students or less. Please refer to descriptions of the hands-on activities we offer here: https://sites.google.com/site/wvaspot/home/hands-on-activities. You can also facilitate these yourself! Email us with questions.
Grade Level(s) *
How many total students would we see during our visit? *
An exact number isn't needed, only an estimate. We generally try to see at least 100 students per visit, but it's not a requirement.
Proposed Date and Time *
We will do our best to get to you for your requested date, but please recognize that our ambassadors are busy college students and some flexibility is necessary.
Please give us an idea of the supplies you have. Check all that apply. *
If you don't have some of these supplies, we'll try to find some of our own to bring.
I will be able to provide a $50 travel fee to cover the ambassador's travel. *
We will provide a Travel Invoice. Please make checks payable to AUI/GBO then mail to Mark Barnes, Green Bank Observatory P.O. Box 2 Green Bank, WV 24944
Interested in alternative ways to receive a presentation?
Check if you are interested in these options below and we will try to accommodate.
I understand that SPOT Ambassadors are not employees of any government agency, and I take responsibility for them on school grounds or when visiting virtually. *
If you have any other concerns or thoughts about your SPOT visit, please indicate them below.
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