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Hi there! I'm so glad that you are building a website! Here are a few basic questions that will help determine if I can help you make your vision a reality and provide you with a realistic quote for the project. These questions are all about YOU and YOUR vision for YOUR brand. If you're unsure, that's ok we all start somewhere! I'd be glad to offer suggestions as a part of the process if we do work together.

Please give up to 7 business days for a response.

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This helps Kassandra prioritize your website based on your goals and also be realistic about her ability to meet those goals.
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How do you plan to maintain your website after launch? *
( 1 ) Self Maintained - You will maintain the website renewal, hosting, and content.  ( 2 ) Contracted Hosting Only - Kassandra makes sure that your website stays up for all of your viewers. This does not include page edits or updates from Kassandra, only guaranteeing that your website is online and backed up. You can choose to update your website still with this option. ( 3 ) Contracted Hosting & Updates - Kassandra manages your website based on your needs. This includes making sure you website is online, backed up, and includes minor edits. New pages or large updates may require additional fees outside of this quote.
Do you know how many pages you want on your website? *
Please note: ( a ) BLOGGERS: If you are a blogger think of pages that are NOT only going to contain blog posts & add one. ( b ) ECOMMERCE: If you are a ecommerce website, think of pages that are NOT going to contain only products & add one.
What is your ideal budget for this project?
Anything else? Is there something about your brand's website that you want to share before submitting the request to work with Kassandra? Ex. Goal of the website, inspiration, or anything else that makes you excited about your website.
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