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Thank you for your interest in this premium Group VIP Day with Dr. Elisa Harney. The Purpose + Profit VIP Day is a group execution experience including an implementable, executable strategy for purpose progression and profitability. Also featuring the exclusive signature Me-Mapping℠ methodology, and the People vs Purpose Profiling assessment.

Me-Mapping℠ is a highly personalized internal assessment methodology resulting in CPOD℠ (Central Point of Dissonance) identification, the discovery and dismantling of limiting beliefs and behaviors and the examination of value systems affecting value proposition. This assessment methodology is only available with Assignment Alignment Coaching Intensive and the Purpose + Profit VIP Day.

Once your application has been completed, you will be contacted by The Empowerment Specialist® team member to discuss options for your Group Purpose + Profit VIP Day. Please note, payment options will be available by request.
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