Do you have a "Public Charge" Story?
Recently, the Department of Homeland Security announced a regulation that could result in denial of green cards or entry into the United States for those who have accessed public programs like Medicaid or housing assistance.

We need your help in collecting stories about members of the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities that have been impacted and would be affected by a regulation like this. The stories you share will illuminate the impact on families in our communities.

After you submit the story, a member of our team may contact you with follow-up questions and opportunities to share stories. Opportunities may include: requests from the media, policymakers, and advocates; use in our outreach and education efforts; and use in our resources and materials.

***We will ask permission before we release any information or highlight stories in any way, and you or your client can opt out of any opportunity.***

If you have any questions please email Beverly Quintana at or Bonnie Kwon at

- Asian Health Services (AHS), Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations (AAPCHO) and Asian Pacific Islander Health Forum (APIAHF)

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For example: "I'm a grandmother of a patient at a community health center and I came into the clinic in a panic, asking to remove my grandchild from the Electronic Medical Records system because I am scared of jeopardizing our immigration status.* Please include when the story occurred if possible.
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