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Thank you for your interest in an advanced reader copy of Phantom's Lament, the second book in the Shadow's Creed Saga. Please fill out the following form, and I will be in touch with you shortly.

Right now, I'm looking at Fall 2019 expected release date, which gives you plenty of time to read the first book if you haven't already!

This is also the form I'm using to gather people interested in the cover reveal.

I'll update this form with more details as they are available.

Here's the blurb from the first book in the series. I've not yet written the blurb copy for Phantom's Lament as it is still in the editing stages.

Shadow’s Hand, Vol. 1 of The Shadow’s Creed Saga

Bound by duty and the Shadow’s Creed, Kilo struggles against his own sense of justice to protect his people from an enemy who wields a dangerous power. Raised with strong morals, but knowing nothing of the world, warrior-in-training Shenrae seeks the strength she needs to protect those she loves. Together they will face the consequences of fulfilling their duty and uncover an ancient magic that affects all.

It is the duty of one who serves to protect,
but is everyone worth saving?

Shadow’s Hand is the first book in a heroic epic fantasy, inspired by Japan’s samurai and their warrior code Bushido. It’s a story about the makings of a hero and the hero’s sacrifice. If you like characters with strong morals, fast-paced epic storytelling and exploring magic’s morality, you’ll love The Shadow’s Creed Saga.
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**Print copies: limited copies are available to book bloggers to help with promotional images and reviews. Please list your social media accounts and state how you intend to showcase the book. USA only.
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I would also like to help with the cover reveal of Phantom's Lament (end of Summer):
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