Camden City School District Separation Notification Form
We thank you for your service to the students of Camden and we wish you the best of luck in your next endeavors. As of August 2016, the District amended Policy 3141 and Policy 4141 to further clarify the time-frame by which teaching and support staff are required to give notice of their intention to resign from their role.

Policy 3141: All teaching staff members must give sixty days' notice in writing of intention to resign
Policy 4141: All support staff members must give forty-five days notice in writing of intention to resign.

If you are able to provide an end date beyond these minimum requirements, then we strongly encourage you to consider that option. Please visit the Camden City School District website for a listing of all applicable District policies:


Completing the Separation Notification Form will take about 5 minutes, assuming you have all of the information required for submission available to you. Do note, that it must be completed in one-sitting (i.e., you do not have the opportunity to save your entries and return to it). Upon submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation page that you can print for your records.

To complete the Separation Notification Form, you need the following:

1) CCSD Employee ID#
2) CCSD Email Address
3) Phone Number
4) Current Position Title and Location
5) Manager Name and Email Address
6) Separation Date (i.e., Last Day of Work)

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