IC#The Shot - A short film Competition國際學院短片大賽
1. 影片主題:介紹國際學院
2. 團體競賽:2到4人
3. 片長:三分鐘
Terms and Condition
Based on Introduce: International College
Target Audience: High School Students
Group in 2 to 4 people
Max Length: 3 mins
Language: English with subtitiles
作品名稱 Title
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參賽組別 Team
隊長班級 Class of Team Leader
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隊長姓名+ 學號 Leader's Name+ student ID( 中+英)(Chinese+English) Ex: 王小明 wang xiao ming 05123456
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隊員1 + 學號(Team Member 1+ student ID )( 中+英)(Chinese+English)
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隊員1班級 Team Member 1's Class
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隊員2+學號 (Team Member 2+studentID)
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隊員2班級 Team Member 2's Class
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隊員3+學號 Team Member 3+studentID
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隊員3班級 Team Member 3's Class
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隊員4 +學號Team Member 4+studentID
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隊員4班級 Team Member 4's Class
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隊員5+學號Team Member 5+studentID
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