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Group classes are back πŸ’«
but students valued so much semi-privates that I will keep some available πŸ™

The combination of both is an optimal way to learn in depth Ashtanga Yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ
If you're a beginner you can start with semi-privates and then transition to the bigger group πŸ’«
or if you want to refine your practice at any moment you can join the smaller groupπŸ‘Œ

Estufa Fria - Parque Eduardo VII

Monday & Wednesday
β€’ 18h15 - 19h45 (Group) - 1h30

Tuesday & Thursday
β€’ 7h30 - 9h00 (Group) - 1h30
β€’ 9h15 - 10h15 (Semi-private) - 1h00
β€’ 10h15 - 11h15 (Semi-private) - 1h00

Guia Lounge

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
β€’ 9h30 - 11h00 (Group) - 1h30
β€’ 11h15 - 12h15 (Semi-private) - 1h00

Tuesday & Thursday
β€’ 18h15 - 19h45 (Group) - 1h30

GROUP CLASSES are 1h30 and the last 20min are reserved
for the amazing benefits of YOGA NIDRA, deep guided relaxation
with profound chants of India πŸ™

IMPORTANT to readπŸ‘‡
If any of the group classes starting times is not compatible with you
but you have an established practice you can arrive earlier or later and start
at your own rhythm, and still have my guidance precisely when you need me most πŸ‘Œ

SEMI-PRIVATES will have a maximum of 6 students πŸ‘

As soon as we receive your πŸ“§ to
we send you the links to reserve your classes ahead πŸ’«

Can't wait to be with You πŸ™Œ
celebrating the miracle of LIFE ✨
full of LOVE πŸ’“
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