We're Making Music About Abortion (and we need your help)
Hello! We're Megan, Kaili, Sarah, and Kirsten, and we're a team of composers and vocalists currently based in the Phoenix area. We're also members of the Arizona Women's Collaborative, a group of musicians focused on creating and performing music by women. This year, the four of us are working together to craft a piece about the realities of abortion from the perspectives of the people who have them. We've built this survey to amass data from folks of all genders across the US and (potentially) around the world so we can craft narratives and characters with true-to-life experiences.

We want to represent as many perspectives and stories as is possible within the framework of a piece that will likely be five to ten minutes long, and if you're comfortable sharing your story and words with us for our project, we'd love to hear from you. Whether we've met you or not, we want to represent your experience as best we can, and although we're creating the piece for this cycle of the AWC, we're hoping it will have future adventures with performers of all genders. If all that sounds good to you, read on! Thank you a thousand for your time, energy, and courage.

Megan, Kaili, Sarah, and Kirsten
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