Materiality Exposed Exhibition Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to view this exhibition, we would really appreciate if you could fill in this very short survey about your experiences.
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Researcher: Jessica Miller
Supervisor: Dr Sara Dominici

This research is being undertaken as part of the researcher’s studies for the MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture at the University of Westminster, London.

Materiality Exposed is an investigation and exploration into the materiality of photographs and how we engage, experience and interact with them. Through this survey I hope to gain an understanding of how you experienced the exhibition and whether this has influenced what you have taken away as a result.

This study will involve you to answer a brief anonymous feedback questionnaire.
Your responses will be used for the sole purpose of evaluating this exhibition and will be used as part of an evaluation report.

Please note:
Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary and your responses are anonymous.
You have the right to withdraw at any time without giving a reason.
You have the right to ask for your data to be withdrawn as long as this is practical, and for any
       personal information to be destroyed.
You do not have to answer particular questions within the questionnaire if you do not wish to do so.
No individuals will be identifiable from any collated data, written report of the research, or any
       publications arising from it.
All computer data files will be stored securely. The researcher will keep files in a secure place and
       will comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  
No hard copy documents i.e. of completed surveys will be kept.

The researcher can be contacted during and after participation by email
       ( or by telephone (07925074557).

If you have a complaint about this research project you can contact the project supervisor, {Dr Sara
       Dominici} by e-mail ( or by telephone (+44 20 7911 5000 ext 69226)

By clicking I Agree, you consent to your responses being used for this purpose.
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