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Pack 44 is a parent-run organization and in order to have a great program for our boys, it is important that everyone pitch in by taking an active role in the Pack. When everyone helps a little, it’s much easier to have a high quality program for our boys. Please indicate the ways in which you would be willing to Help the Pack Go. Check all that might interest you; many positions are likely already filled but your interested will be kept on file for when they become available. Every family unit is required to help in at least one way every year in order to ensure the successful continuation of the program.

For more details on the positions, see the Leadership Descriptions on the Pack website at Please note that not all of the positions are detailed on the website yet (we are going to try to improve that over time). If you have any questions about any of these positions, please send them to
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Scout Name
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Scout Den
Which Den is your son in this year?
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Most communication within the pack takes place via email - please provide the best email to use to reach you
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Leadership Positions *
Please indicate your interest in serving in each of the following positions at some point within the next 12 months. Positions marked with a * indicate a need within the next 12 months. Those marked with ** have an immediate need. Please mark your interest on all roles as some may open up unexpectedly. Leadership positions generally take at least 3 hours per month.
No interest
Possible interest
Currently in this role
Assistant Cubmaster**
Committee Chair
Assistant Committee Chair**
Chartered Org Rep
Den Leader
Assistant Den Leader**
Advancement Chair
Outdoor Activity Chair*
Service Chair
Events Chair**
Recruiting & Membership Chair
Volunteer Chair
Communications Chair
Fundraising Chair
(Hiking) Staff Sergeant
Pack Trainer
Scout Supervisor
General Committee Member
Event Positions *
Event coordinators work with the committee member responsible for that event type. Please indicate your interest in helping with each of the following events over the next 12 months. Positions marked with a ** have an immediate need as the event will be occurring soon and is not filled. Planning for an individual event may take 5 hours or more.
No interest
Possible interest
Have run in the past and willing to do so again
Popcorn Kernel [Fundraising]
Assistant Popcorn Kernel [Fundraising]
Wreath Sales Coordinator [Fundraising]
Scouting for Food Coordinator [Service]
**Caroling Coordinator [Service]
**Scout Sunday Coordinator [Service]
**VFW Clean-up Coordinator [Service]
**Fishing Derby Coordinator [Outdoor Activities]
**Summer Camp Coordinator [Outdoor Activities]
Breakfast Hike Coordinator [Outdoor Activities]
**Parade Coordinator [Outdoor Activities]
Pinewood Derby Coordinator [Events]
Cake Bake Coordinator [Events]
**Blue and Gold Banquet Coordinator [Events]
Cross-Over Picnic Coordinator [Events]
Sporting Event Coordinator [Events]
General event coordinator [any]
Additional help
Please describe any additional ways not listed above in which you would like to help:
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Resources for helping
Every individual has talents, interests, networking connections and experiences which they can put to good use to help advance organizations with which they are involved. Please list anything you can offer which you think could be beneficial to Pack 44:
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