Registering for a Mentoring session
Welcome to the first step of the process of Mentoring one-to-one! (Watch the video below to understand it better!)

1) You REGISTER through this form (by filling this you don't get obliged to follow the process).
2) You RECEIVE AN E-MAIL with the practical information (Skype name and agenda). In case we are physically close, there is also the option of session in-situ
3) The ONE HOUR AND A HALF SESSION takes place. At the end of it you will have your situation well defined and your action plan: ideas for action, goals, book suggestions, tips.
4) One to two weeks after the session, the process is closed with a thirty minutes FOLLOW-UP SESSION to see how everything went and give you some more small tips for the way. Then it would be YOU doing the path!
PRICE of the process: 80 euros (+VAT (IVA, in Portuguese). Price valid until the end of 2018.
To start the process I'll need to know some basic data about you. (All data are absolutely confidential)
1 - Your name
2 - Your e-mail
3 - Your age
4 - City and Country you live in
5 - In which language will you prefer to do the session?
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This is the basic information that helps me understand what is the theme motivating you to this Mentoring process. Knowing these details will help me focus on your needs and adjusting them, if needed. (All data are confidential)
6 - How would you describe, in general words, the theme that is the center of your need for the Mentoring process?
6 - At the end of the process, you would be happy if..... (Be as specific as you can. Ej: "...If I would know how to organize the contents of my PhD dissertation in a coherent way." or "...If I would have the clues to give the first steps on my entrepreneur path.")
7 - Are you aware that these processes are NOT therapeutical processes, so not suitable for depressive states, anxiety problems, grieve processes, or any other issue that is concerned to a sense of decrease of your mental well-being?
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How did you learn about these Mentoring processes with Edite Amorim from THINKING-BIG?
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And that's it! You will be contacted really soon, by e-mail, with all the information about the best way to connect and the agenda for the session! (Filling this form doesn't oblige you to continue the process. After you receive the next e-mail you can decide either to proceed or not). May the process begin!
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