Community Development Partnership Forum IV Survey
The Community Development Partnership Forum IV (CDPF IV) and CARIFESTA XIV are seeking to support the growth of the creative sector. In this regard, we would like to understand your experiences in your business activities. This survey will assist us in advancing strategies that will cater to the sector-specific needs both nationally and from a Caribbean perspective.
1. Country *
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2. Local Address (District only, e.g. Arima)
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3. Gender
4. Age
5. Marital Status
6. Do you have children?
7. Please indicate in which of the following categories your skill/s can be classified (You can choose more than one)
8. Please identify the specific skill type/s based on your selection in question 7 above;(e.g. Handicraft -Jewellery Making; Local Cuisine - Shark and bake)
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9. What level of skills training have you completed?
10. Are you in need of additional skills training?
11. Please specify
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12. Do you have Business Skills training?
13. Are you in need of additional Business Skills training?
14. Please specify area/s
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15. Are you interested in Export Marketing skills?
16. Do you own a business?
17. Is your Business Registered?
18. Is your Business:
19. Please indicate what type of business you own
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20. Please select from below the area in which you experience most of your challenges in conducting your business.
21. In which one of the channels do you sell your products?
22. Is your product being exported?
23. Please indicate your average yearly income
24. Please identify your main source of financing the business. (If other, please specify)
25. Please specify any other support you may require to assist you in your business.
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