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Thank you for choosing Valet Tagging with Just Between Friends Northeast Metro & Western Wisconsin Sales. We are excited to help you be a part of the JBF Experience!

Here's how it works: In order to qualify, you must have at least 100 items (you are encouraged to have at least 20 items that are non-clothing (baby gear, toys, accessories, etc--depending on your items, exceptions may be made) and 60% of your clothing items MUST be quality name brand (Old Navy, Crazy 8, Gymboree, GAP, Children’s Place, etc).

Valet Tagging Information:

-You make 45% of their Sales
-You are guaranteed a 85% sell-thru on all items that are received in JBF condition (Clean, working, etc)
-Your items will be transported & stored by JBF until the sell-thru is complete
-Your items will be sold online where applicable throughout the year
-Your items will be sold at Blaine/Andover, White Bear Lake & Eau Claire, WI Sales
-You are charged a $15 consignor fee per sale *exception: if sales are less than $50, you will be charged 0-$5
-You are charged a one time $10 supply fee and additional fees if hangers are not supplied or items received without working batteries
-You will receive checks in mail within 2 weeks of the end of each sale *exception: if 2 sales are within 2 weeks of each other, you may receive them at the completion of the second sale (New for 2021- other options are available for payment)
-Items will be tagged per JBF Guidelines and Sell-thru guidelines (you are welcome to suggest pricing on your items)
-Items may be put together additional outfits in order to market the items better than if sold on their own. -Most Clothing items will be tagged to go half-off
-Items not sold after 3 sales will be marked-down to ensure sell-through
-Items Received that are not in JBF condition will be donated both before and during the Sale (Please look over your items carefully for stains, holes, working zippers, parts, etc)
-You will be given a separate JBF number if you are planning to tag items on your own as well (you are responsible to bring items to the sale you tag and they are not considered valet)
-JBF will do everything in its power to protect your items from theft and damage. If however it does occur, JBF cannot be held accountable and you understand that risk. This is standard per all consignors.

Valet Tagging Prep information:

-Prep your items in bags or boxes by gender and size and outfits together along with accessories that you want sold together
-Mark the size on each bag/box
-Non-clothing items can be bagged/boxed all together
-Ensure your NAME is on all bags/boxes and items (THIS IS REQUIRED to Guarantee you receive credit for your items)
-Once ready- we will coordinate a drop-off or pick-up

JBF Condition Reminder: Clean all clothing, toys, and equipment. Ensure toys, equipment, etc are working (items must have working batteries or we will charge $1 per battery that is needed during tagging) and fit for resale by meeting safety requirements issued by the CPSC. If the Valet Tagger encounters an item that needs to be cleaned in order to sell that item will be donated or become a JBF discretionary item after cleaning.

**NOTE: JBF Cannot accept breakable items for valet including but not limited to glassware, lamps, picture frames, etc.

Please Contact us to set up a drop off date for your items so please start preparing them now for pick-up. Keep in Mind if your Request and/or your pick-up time is 17 days prior to the start of the next sale, we cannot guarantee your items will be prepped for that sale, but they will be prepped for the any sales after that one. This is due to sale set-up time and to ensure all items and consignors are processed in order. (Communication will be limited 10 days prior to the next sale, since I will in the venue prepping for the next event)

As a Valet Consignor, you and a friend are welcome to shop the consignor presale at the next event. Your Valet consignor presale shopping time will be on the day before we open to the public at 5pm. Your name will be on our list at the door.
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