Twice Shy Meetup

Twice Shy is an exhibition that deals with the peculiar interpersonal relations between a curator and an artist curated by Chih-Tung Lin. With a zoom-in on the situation where the two come together for a purpose (or not), the exhibition is interested in unraveling the obscurity and patterns of a curator-artist relationship.

During the exhibition span, the exhibition also serves as a site for the Twice Shy meetup, an event where two or three match-made participants meet at the exhibition venue for a “studio visit” with each other. The participants, upon meeting, will find out if the studio-visit-in-practice is an awkward smile/ a short conversation/ a flash date/ a shared exhibition viewing experience or perhaps a professional exchange.

Sign up for the meetup by filling up this form. Chih-Tung Lin and Mimi McPartlan from Salarakas, a monthly zine for the multilingual, the sweet, and the curious, will take care of the matchmaking process but will not thirdweel during the meetups.

Deadline: 26.11.2023. 

The form reopens after 30.11.2023.

What to expect as a participant:

1. You will be paired with one or two people who share similar interests as you professionally or just in general.

2. You will meet the other participant(s) at the Twice Shy exhibition space, MAA-tila, during the exhibition opening hours. 

3. You don’t need to prepare anything for this meet up unless you wish to. The exhibition space will serve as a temporary studio that you are free to make use of as long as you return the installation into its original state after the studio visit.

4. You will receive instructions for the meetup via email which includes safe space guidelines and other relevant materials. You will not be notified your match(es) prior the meetup.

5. An exhibition guard will always be present in the space, but there can be other exhibitions visitors around at the same time.

6. Expect a no-show if you cannot seem to find the other participant(s). In case you or your match(es) fails to show up for any reason, there is no need to inform anyone. You can leave the space as soon as you decide when a no-show happens. 

7. In case of any urgent matters, you can reach Chih-Tung via their phone number that you will receive together with the instructions.

8. You and your match(es) can decide on how long the meetup lasts together. 

Twice Shy is made in continuous of Chih-Tung Lin’s master thesis project titled A Curator’s Report of 19 Studio Visits (2021) at the Fine Arts Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, in which they explored the studio visit culture, conventions, power structure, among many other topics regarding an artist working with a curator in the visual arts realm.

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