Democratic Socialist Labor Commission Membership Application
In order to become a member of the DSLC, you must be a current member of DSA, fill out the DSLC membership application, and either be a member of a DSA Labor Formation or meet one of the following criteria for individual membership:

Be a union or worker center member or retiree.
Work for a union, worker center, or legal advocacy firm that represents workers.
Be a part of a workplace organizing drive.
Be a journalist, academic, or writer with a focus in labor studies and/or political economy.
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Are you a member of a DSA Labor Branch or Labor Working Group? *
If you answered yes to the above question, please specify the branch or working group.
Union Affiliation & Local Number
Do you meet the criteria for individual membership in the DSLC?
You are eligible to join the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission if you are a dues-paying member of DSA and meet at least one of the following criteria. Select all that apply.
If you are not a member of DSA Labor Formation or fit the individual membership criteria above, but you think you should qualify for DSLC membership, please explain what your connection to the labor movement is.
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