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Administrate Policy Sheet on use of School Facilities, Buildings or Grounds


Requests for the use of Pavilion Central School facilities, buildings, grounds, and/or equipment will be submitted to the Building Principal(s) of prescribed forms available in the offices of each school building, or via email request of the Secretary to the Superintendent at

Approval is contingent on:

a) What is requested is available on the date requested and does NOT conflict with any school organizations program or activities. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES TAKE PRIORITY.

b) Legality of requesting organization or purpose for which the area is to be used (see section 64 of School Law, Hageny).

c) Organization accepts financial responsibility for repair or replacement of any damaged public property AND for the reimbursement of any additional expenses incurred by the Board of Education so as to ensure no additional cost to the District.


Supervision shall be adequate for the number of persons in attendance. ADULTS will be required to chaperone and supervise all events attended by school-aged persons. School-aged children are to be restricted to the designated use area and under adult supervision AT ALL TIMES.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics and all tobacco products is prohibited in or on school property.

Adequate lighting shall be maintained at all times.

Decoration of spaces should be approved in advance by the building principal. NO cellophane tape, tacks or nails may be used.

Sponsoring organizations should inform group members of the entrance and exit to be used for the activity. One adult should be appointed to ensure that the building is secure a the end of the activity.

Sponsoring organizations must make occasional checks of the parking areas during the course of any evening events.

Sponsoring organizations will guarantee enforcement of any and all regulations, whether "open" or "closed", whether a school-sponsored organization or a non-school organization. ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES.

Do not publicize your event until you have received notification of approval. Non-school organizations must obtain approval from the Board of Education, which generally meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, but this is subject to change. To ensure adequate time to obtain the approval, please ensure that your application is complete and required certificate of insurance is provided.

In accordance with State Law, oral directions will be provided by the sponsoring organization indicating fire exits and proper procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.

Any damage to the District facilities shall be promptly repaired at the Sponsoring organizations expense. NO EXCEPTIONS. If maintenance personnel are not available, please notify the custodian on duty, or call the Director of Facilities at 585-584-1036 the next business day.
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