2018-2019 PCO Volunteer Interest Form
Welcome to volunteering with the ECS PCO!

We are dividing this form up into multiple sections. The first one will be for classroom support volunteers (help in the classrooms, help with busy work from home, read to students...). In school volunteers require clearances. The information provided in this section will be shared with the ECS teachers so they can directly reach out as needed.

We also have a lot of committees that need volunteers. There are a few committees that run year round but others are very limited in time commitment. We have tried to specify the expected time frame for each and give you a sense of what the time and task expectations are. Committee chairs are the point people for the PCO. The PCO will work with chairs to work on things like budget, communications, expectations and then the chairs will be responsible for the successful running of their committee.

We will be recruiting as needed for these needs throughout the year using channels such as the Monday Blast, ECS PCO website, the ECS PCO Facebook page and your room parent. Keep an eye out in those communication streams as something new may catch your eye!

Please review the information on volunteer clearances http://ecspco.org/volunteer/clearances/

Please check off committee interests you have for the upcoming school year. You will be contacted by the committee chairs (however, please follow up with volunteer@ecspco.org if you don't hear from someone- mistakes happen!).
The form is long but divided into sections: Events, Service, Staff Appreciation, Publications, Fundraising

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