Research: Health Analysis (Age: 13 - 19 years)

Read the statements carefully and select an option that best describes your experience in the last 15 days.
You have 4 options to choose from:
1 - Strongly Disagree/Never – The statement does not apply to me 80 percent of the times.
2 - Disagree/Seldom – The statement does not apply to me more than 50 percent of the times.
3 - Agree/Often – The statement applies to me more than 50 percent of the times.
4 - Strongly Agree/Always – The statement applies to me 80 percent of the times.

There is no right or wrong choice.
Responses are confidential and will be used solely for research purposes.

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Year of Birth (YYYY) *
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I am aware of how my thoughts change according to the situation. *
I  do not pay attention to what I am doing when I am distracted. *
I take on extra work/classes to avoid my feelings or thoughts. *
I can express myself clearly even when I am unhappy. *
I am unaware of feelings I am experiencing.  *
I approve or disapprove of myself based on my thoughts. *
I use 'we' language instead of 'I' while talking to my friends. *
I prefer taking decisions on behalf of others. *
I disapprove of myself when I have distressing thoughts. *
There is lesser tolerance towards mistakes in my school. *
I like interacting with people who are different from me. *
My school is forgiving and kind. *
I understand different ways in which people demonstrate respect and care. *
My school encourages students to learn by trial and error. *
 I ask questions to understand all the details regarding a situation.  *
I trust my teachers to involve me in projects that benefit me. *
I prefer working with people who are similar to me. *
I get the support of my peers and seniors when required. *
There are strict rules which I am expected to follow in school? *
My teachers will give me due credit for my project.  *
My commitment towards my work will definitely get rewarded in future. *
Describe the emotions that you notice around you. *
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What are the most frequent thoughts you observe around you? *
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