TigerHacks 2017 Registration
October 13-15, 2017
Lafferre Hall, University of Missouri
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Phone Number
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Graduation Year
Skill Sheet
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Dietary restrictions
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Shirt Size
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Travel Reimbursement
We will reimburse up to $25 for students travelling outside of Columbia. (10 cents per mile up to 250 Miles) Receipts must be uploaded to this form by October 20 at 5PM to receive reimbursement. We may also send buses to schools that are sending 20 or more students. If your school is interested, please organize the members attending and contact TigerHacksHD@gmail.com
It is extremely important to us that attendees follow a set of guidelines to make the event fun for everyone involved. Please read through the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct and make sure you understand what we will be expecting of you. https://static.mlh.io/docs/mlh-code-of-conduct.pdf
Additional Notes
If there's anything else you need to let us know, tell us here!
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