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Our vision is to be the leading Research, Training and consulting company in Organizational Capacity Building, Management and Leadership Development for individuals and institutions in the region. We offer a 3 tier range of services including Research, Training and Consultancy.

By completing this form, you will help us profile your specific training needs and gather information regarding your key functional interest areas which shall be used to tailor our training approach that suits your application and draw illustrative simulations for practice.

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9. Which of the following Excel capabilities do you frequently use Excel for in your routine roles / tasks *
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Data Capture - e.g. Capturing employees/client/market information
Data Base - Storing business data / information for future retrieval while making decision
Data Analysis - Analytics, Forecasting, Business Intelligence
Data Visualization - Graphics, Charting
Data Clean up and Uploading into another System
10. Kindly list down at least three(3) top personal objectives / reasons you wish to acquire Advanced excel Competency *
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11. Please list down some of the key Excel topical areas you wish to have covered during the training. *
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12. Please indicate three(3) major personal challenges you may be currently facing / previously encountered or unable to handle using Excel and which you may wish to resolve after training. *
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13. Please indicate how you will personally measure your success or training impact after the course in your functional role. *
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14. Have you attended any other Advanced Excel training previously? *
15. Please indicate which other Office Applications you are proficient with (Which you are already an advanced Superuser) *
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16. This training requires one to identify and do a practical Excel Project by end of the course within one's area of interest. *
Please indicate which Ms. Excel Project you would wish to do (e.g. Others have in the recent past done projects in PAYE, Leave Planner, Expense Tracker, Budgeting Template, Reporting Dashboards, Financial Model e.t.c.)
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17. Please share with us any other training or service you would be interested with in future (any area)
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18. Please indicate any other inquiry you may have relating to this training or any other services we offer.
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