Please, pay attention for the filling of this form; before the final submit please check the proper completion! Before the registration, please, study the description of distances and chategories for the suitable decision, which is available at

The participation in the categories of kindergarten- (500 m), young schoolchildren- (1500 m) and senior schoolchildren (2500 m) races is free of charge in the given age groups, the registrations is important to this participants in point of view of fresh information and getting a starter registration pack.

The registration is valid only with the bank transfer of entry fee. Bank Data: Rotary Club Mórahalom, HU21 5690 0044 1042 7640 0000 0000. In case of individual applications, we request to enter the name of the runner, his/her birth year and the race category also (7 km / 14 km / 21 km / 21 km relay / “Patroner running” category, etc.) in the announcement of the bank transfer, and the T-shirt size too! In case of a company registration, it is very important, that the name of the company shall be also written in the announcement, and also the number of attendants’ by categories (for example: 10,5 km 5pieces, 21 km 8pieces)!

In case of an entry fee bounded category, the pre-registration of an athlete or company is considered to be acceptable if the registration is done and within 5 days of the application, the entry fee has been transferred, otherwise the registration will be deleted from the system. The determination of entry fee is based on the date when the transfer is made.
The arrival of the registration fee will be confirmed within 14 days on the given email address.

The filling of cells marked with ’*’ is necessary.
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