Bear Nation Minigame Moderator Application
Bear Nation's staff members are essential to the server. Without our dedicated staff members, the server would not, and could not, be what it is today. If you want to become part of that team, to help players navigate our minigames and make MGN the sort of event you know and love then please apply for Minigame Moderator! We'd love to have you.

A minigame mod's number one priority is keeping the minigame world running smoothly. They fix grief, answer any questions about minigames a player might have, control chat, and settle disputes. They also help to design and implement new minigame maps with the help of builders, host minigame night, and test new game ideas to keep the minigame part of our server fresh and enjoyable. Like the survival Moderators, Minigame Moderators must be well-tempered, patient, kind, helpful, and have to be extremely familiar with how the server works- especially the different minigames. However, Minigame Moderators also are expected to participate in behind-the-scenes server development, whether that be providing opinions in the staff chat about new features or how to reform an old one, relaying feedback about how the server can improve from a player's perspective, and many other development related tasks. You must also be very active in the community and plan to continue that trend into the foreseeable future.

Good luck to all those that apply, and may the odds be ever in your favor... :)

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