Spring 2018 DJ Applicaiton
Think you've got what it takes to produce a radio show each week?
Please answer the following creatively, honestly, and to the best of your ability.
We will get back to you soon with details on the rest of your training.
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Please indicate your involvement with St. Louis University *
What does the term "college radio" mean to you? *
Try to not look up a definition online, be genuine and creative!
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Why do you want to be a DJ at KSLU? *
This could be anything ranging from a life-changing incident to a fleeting urge to join!
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Show Identity *
What will set your show apart on the airwaves? Feel free to include genre, talking points, themes, DJ names, etc.
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Sample Playlist (Artist - Track) *
Please list a 7 track set of what you would play on your show. Generally, we do not play the same artist more than once per show.
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Which committee are you most interested in joining in KSLU? (Check more than one if you want!) *
How do you feel you can improve the music community here at SLU? *
This is one of the tougher questions on the application, but we use it to encourage people to think about broader musical concepts and goals for their show
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How did you hear about KSLU? *
A friend? Walking by? Word on the street? Our website?
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