GAIN-AFREXIMBANK Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade  2.0 
The GAIN-AFREXIM Masterclass on Entrepreneurship and Intra-African Trade is a youth empowerment program of Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) in partnership with Africa Export-Import (AFREXIM) Bank to unlock the potential of young African Entrepreneurs to benefit from the opportunities in the AfCFTA of over 1.2 billion people’s market and to promote intra-African trade.

This program is designed to equip 250 young entrepreneurs from across Africa with entrepreneurial skills to build and scale their businesses across Africa and beyond,  leverage on partnerships, attract larger trade volumes/revenues and explore the opportunities in the continental market.  

If you are a young African entrepreneur and you already have a business, go ahead and apply.

You need about 15 minutes to complete this form.

Kindly share the link to others too!

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