CSR Group Funding Request 2019
**COVID-19 Updates**
1) Student groups must follow university programming guidelines regarding any in-person events. Please see link for more information: https://case.edu/return-to-campus/student-guidelines/programming-guidelines-fall-2020-semester

2) Student groups must follow university policies regarding the purchase of gift cards. Gift cards CANNOT be purchased by a person (student, faculty, staff) and reimbursed! Please reach email societydeans@case.edu to assist you in this process. Gift cards need to be purchased at least 2 weeks prior to the event by a staff member. The easiest gift cards are eGift cards, which can be emailed directly to the student recipients. Plastic gift cards are also possible. Please see the procurement website for more information: https://case.edu/policies/sites/case.edu.policies/files/2018-04/payment032613.pdf
To foster a sense of community, CSR provides registered student groups a limited amount of financial support to host events. Please refer to the information below to learn how to request group funding.

Who can apply?
Groups currently registered with CSR. Groups must renew their registration annually. You must be the leader or registered member of the requesting group to apply for funding.

What events are eligible for funding?
Events that are open to attend as well as open to all medical students.

What type of funding can I request?
A standard funding request is a request for $70 or less for a single event with less than 50 people attending.
A special funding request is a request for $100 or less for a single event with more than 50 people attending.

How much funding can I receive?
Registered interest groups are eligible for up to three funding approvals totaling no more than $300 per semester.

Funding is granted on a first-come-first-serve basis and is NOT guaranteed. CSR reserves the right to determine the amount awarded. CSR also reserves the right to discontinue group funding at any time.

How do I apply for funding?
(1) Complete this application using the "Continue" button below. You will receive notification whether your application has been approved or denied within a week of submitting your application.

(2) After you receive an approval email, email a copy of the itemized receipt(s) and the Receipt Submission Form (download file from the top of this page) to the CSR Treasurer (CaseCSRTreasurer@gmail.com) to receive reimbursement. This process takes approximately 45 days.

Please direct all questions about funding to CaseCSRTreasurer@gmail.com.
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