Lake Travis ISD Volunteer Agreement
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Confidentiality *
A feeling of mutual understanding and trust between school staff and volunteers is essential. Volunteers sometimes have access to information about students’ abilities, successes, and struggles, as well as information from teachers. As a volunteer, your responsibility is to maintain confidentiality at all times. Do you agree to maintain confidentiality?
Commitment *
Do you agree to make a professional commitment and be consistent and dependable? Do you agree to notify the school office if you are unable to come at your committed time?
Sign In and Out *
Do you agree to remember to bring your driver’s license and sign in at the front office through the Raptor system? You must wear your provided identification badge at all times and return it to the school office upon departure. Your hours of service will be recorded for monthly reporting requirements.
School(s) *
At which school or schools do you volunteer? Please check as many as apply.
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Confidentiality Pledge *
I have read the guidelines above and understand their importance. All information regarding students and district staff is considered confidential and I will maintain confidentiality. 

By typing my FIRST AND LAST NAME on the line below, I am effectively signing this document.
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