Vendor Application for Stittsville Market At The Barn  - 2023 Season
Stittsville Market at the Barn is a small market featuring local farm fresh producers and artisans. The market is situated inside the log barn at 6154 Abbott St. East, next to the Village Square Park in Stittsville and is organized and run by Mandy Faulkner and Daniel Viens.

We seek to provide local, sustainable, homemade and/or produced items to our community. We are always looking for more farmers to join our beautiful quaint market. We value supporting local farmers who use organic and holistic practices.

Our regular season markets are held Sundays from 9 AM to 1 PM starting in early May to the end of October. There may also be other opportunities for additional special event markets throughout the season. 

We do our best to limit duplicate types of product/business but there may be overlaps and we do not guarantee exclusivity.

Sunday markets run for 22 weeks from May 14 (Mother's Day) to October 8 (Thanksgiving)

The market is open to the public from 9 AM to 1 PM however set up time begins at 8 AM. If you require more time for set-up, please let us know.

As in previous seasons, specialty and themed markets and events will be held at the market this season including, but not limited to, the Butter Tart Festival Market, Halloween Market, and Holiday Market. Dates and times to be confirmed and separate applications will be prepared for these markets.

The market operates rain or shine. As the market is both outside and inside an old barn without air conditioning or electric heat, please dress appropriately and bring necessary coverings so you are comfortable.

Cancellation of markets due to severer weather (thunderstorms, etc.) will be at the discretion of the organizers. If possible, notice will be provided however cancellation may occur the morning of or during the market operating times.

Outdoor spaces can accommodate a 10 ft x 10 ft tent. Vendors are responsible to provide their own table, chair, and umbrella/covering, if applicable. Canopies are to be held down to prevent blowing away on windy days. Vendors are to bring their own suitable weights to hold down their canopies. Pegging down canopies into the ground is not permitted.

Indoor spaces are limited and can accommodate a 6 ft x 2.5 ft table and small side display. More room may be available to vendors depending on the number of vendors inside on any given market day.

Full season vendors will be assigned a space for the duration of the market season. Efforts will be made to keep half seasons vendors in a regular spot, however this cannot be guaranteed. Occasional vendors will placed into the market on a first come / first placed basis.

The market focuses solely on home made or home grown products done in house by the vendors to support local small businesses. We do not accept third-party and direct sales company consultants.

For this market, "farmers" are defined as any vendor who grows, raises, or produces their own products for consumption. This could include, but is not limited to, fresh vegetables, microgreens, meats, honey, and maple syrup. If you feel you may qualify as a farmer but are unsure, please reach out to us.

We love encouraging the creativity and drive of young people at the market. Every week, one vendor space will be donated to any young entrepreneur (youth 17 or under) who wishes to join us.

We also love getting the word out about all the great opportunities and groups right here in Stittsville. Every week, a space for a community table will be donated for groups or organizations (such as sport groups / teams, community associations / groups, non-profit organizations, pet rescue organizations, etc.) who would like to advertise to the community or recruit members. No religious or political affiliation or promotion please.

Full Season: May 14 - Oct 8: $440 for 22 markets ($20 per market)

Half Season: $275 for 11 markets ($25 per market)

Occasional Vendor: $30 per market

Junior Entrepreneurs (youth 17 and under):  Free

The Community Table: Free

Farmers: 10% of sales up to a maximum of $20 per market

Full and Half Season: Lump sum payments may be made upon acceptance of your application or broken down into the three payments shown on the dates below:
 - Full Season: $200 upon acceptance of application, $120 on July 9, $120 on September 17
 - Half Season: $125 upon acceptance of application, $75 on July 9, $75 on September 17

Spots will only be secured once first payment has been made.

Occasional Vendor: Lump sum payments may be made upon acceptance of your application or payments made no less than 2 weeks prior to date of attendance.

Spots will be secured for the day when payment is received. If payment is not received within 2 weeks of the market date, the space will be considered open and available to other vendors.

Farmers: Day of payment based on sales or as arranged with market organizers.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of cancellations, we have had to modify our policy.
 - Cancellations occurring less than 7 days prior to the scheduled date will not be refunded.
 - Cancellations received by 2 PM on the Sunday prior to a scheduled date will be refunded the full rate.

Any cancellation requests must be provided to us via email only. Cancellation requests made in any other form (verbal, text, social media communication, etc.) will not be accepted or considered valid.

All vendor emails will be added to an email list which will be used to identify any open spaces which we have for the next week's market. The email will be sent out as soon as possible when spots are available and will be filled on a first come / first served basis taking into account limiting product duplication.

We require all vendors to sign and return a waiver of liability. The waiver will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application.

We very strongly recommend that all vendors have valid business and / or vendor insurance. 

There is no onsite parking and limited street parking. After you have unloaded your product, we ask you to move your vehicle, preferably to the municipal lot on Main St. (2-minute walk from the market) or further down Abbott St. East (past the speed sign) to allow customer street parking vehicles closer to the market.

Please do not park in the lot across the road or block driveways if street parking.

There is unfortunately no electricity available at the market for venders.  Power packs and inverters are encouraged for any vendor who requires electricity. Low noise generators may be considered and must be approved ahead of time.

The barn runs on solar power for lighting only, so we are limited in its use for other appliances. The barn's power can be used to charge devices for payment devices if needed. 

There are no washroom facilities on site at the market. There are however two local coffee shops located near the market who serve amazing goods. We ask that you make a small purchase if you use their facilities.

Smoking is not permitted in the market. If you smoke, please cross over Abbott St to the sidewalk or to the opposite side of the Trans Canada trail.

All products, supplies, and equipment are to be removed from the Barn at the end of every market day unless arrangements have been made with the market organizers.

All waste is to be removed by each vendor at the end of every market day. Small amounts of garbage may be placed in the park bins however bins are not to be filled nor is garbage to be left next to the bins.

No nails, screws or other adhesive materials are to be used on the Barn structure or furniture inside the barn. Displays shall be self-standing or secured to vendor’s equipment. All displays shall be placed within assigned space unless other arrangements have been made with the market organizers.

We strive to ensure our market is welcoming and inclusive to every member of the community. The use of racist, sexist, homophobic, or other oppressive language or display of such materials will not be tolerated. Aggressive behavior, verbal or physical, of any type will not be tolerated. This hold true for vendors and customers alike.

Concerns brought to our attention will be addressed immediately and may result in a warning or other consequences up to being removed from the market.

*It is understood that by submitting an application that you have read and agree to all of the above.

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