2018-2019 School Drill Schedule Change Notification

All Michigan schools (K-12) are required to notify the County Emergency Manager of their school drill calendar by Sept 15 of each school year.
Once the drill calendar is submitted, schools must complete the drill on the date and time they had indicated previously.

There are a few, very limited, circumstances where a drill reschedule is allowed. Drills may be rescheduled when circumstances are present that are not within the control of school authorities such as:

A "Severe Storm" is defined by the National Weather Service as "a convective storm that usually covers a relatively small geographic area, or moves in a narrow path, and is sufficiently intense to THREATEN LIFE and/or PROPERTY. Examples include severe thunderstorms with large hail, damaging wind, or tornadoes. Although cloud-to-ground lightning is not a criteria for severe local storms, it is acknowledged to be highly dangerous and a leading cause of deaths, injuries, and damage from thunderstorms". Please note: the legislation does not allow for rescheduling of drills on days when routine weather patterns (rain or snow showers) are present or expected.





PUBLIC HEALTH SITUATION (*will need involvement of local or State health authorities)

A public school that operates any of grades kindergarten to 12 shall not conduct a drill at a time that would interfere with the conduct of a state-mandated assessment. *Note: state-mandated assessment only. Does not apply to routine testing as part of the curriculum.

If a scheduled drill can not be conducted due to circumstances not within the control of school authorities, the drill must occur within 10 school days after the scheduled date of the cancelled drill and the chief administrator of the school must notify the County Emergency Manager of the rescheduled date for the drill.

Please use the following form to submit your drill schedule change.

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