Guide Application: eduWeb Summit 2022
You read or heard something about the Guide Program for the eduWeb Summit and thought, "Why not me!?" We love that about you! We're still sorting out some details for the program but here are some of the big ideas:

1. Guides will adopt a Challenge Track theme (or two, because if you're here you're not afraid to take on fun projects) and use a dedicated Slack channel, our Conduit platform and maybe some social media groups to keep the conversations rolling. Maybe you're facilitating an online discussion forum or curating digital resources to share? Maybe you find additional nuances within a challenge to bring into view?  We're really open. Our goal is to keep the collaboration vibe of the Summit going until we meet again.

2. Periodically we'll gather the Guides (and maybe some faculty) together to see how conversations are going and do some brainstorming for our 2023 programming. We're hoping that some of our guides will transition into faculty roles for the 2023 eduWeb Summit. At the very least, we'll offer a sweet discount on your registration next year.

Lots more to come and we'll be talking about it in Philadelphia during the 2022 eduWeb Summit. Complete the form below to indicate interest and share your ideas!

(Note: The guide program is intended to support our .edu-email-holding attendees. If you're from our industry expert/sponsor team, reach out to for details on your opportunity to help keep the conversations rolling.)
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What inspires you to raise your hand for the Guide Program? Any ideas for structure, resources or stuff we haven't considered?
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