Fort Street IMP New Members 2019 Registration
This form is for all NEW Fort Street IMP Members in 2019. Current IMP members do not need to reapply for 2019.
The IMP collects your data purely for the purpose of IMP communications. The IMP relies on efficient communication channels with families. Your contact information ensures that students and families are kept informed of IMP activities and will not be used for any other purpose. More information about the IMP can be obtained from the IMP Membership Handbook, available on the IMP page of the school website.
SECTION A - Contact Details
Student Contact Details
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This email will only be used to contact students about IMP matters. The student email address is mandatory, and must be different to the parent email address below.
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Student's Mobile Phone
This number will only be used in emergencies, such as cancelled rehearsals, or on excursions.
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Parent/Guardian Contact Details
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Please make sure this is the same email as the primary parental contact email address supplied to Fort Street High School.
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