Families of Brunswick Students Not Enrolled in the Brunswick School Department
The Brunswick School Department recognizes that families choose to enroll their children in other schools besides one of our five public schools in Brunswick. In an effort to gather information about the reasons for student school placement and to be reflective about the department's programming and function, would you please take the time to provide answers
to the following questions?
1. My child(ren) are currently attending a: (check all that apply)
2. The decision for this placement was made due to: (check all that apply)
3. My child or children have an IEP or 504 Plan.
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Please indicate the number of students with a plan if the answer is yes.
4. Would you consider sending your child(ren) to the Brunswick School Department for for specific courses or activities rather than full time?
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5. If the answer to question 4 was yes or maybe, what areas of instruction or experience might you choose? (check all that apply)
6. My child(ren) are in the following grades at school. Please check all that apply.
7. Would you consider having a conversation with a Brunswick school official to talk about this information in greater detail?
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If the answer is yes, please contact Sue Alexander at the Central Office at 319-1900 or enter your contact information below.
8. Is there any other feedback or comments that you would like to share?
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