Super Combat Fighter @ GDC 2018
"You've discovered the secret portal to register to the [Super Combat Fighter GDC 2018 Party]. Final party location and details will be revealed at a later time. See you soon San Francisco and our friends at the Game Developers Conference." - The Crown Killer
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Super Combat Fighter?
Super Combat Fighter takes the simplicity of party-oriented fighting games and crosses it with the over-the-top visceral nature of old school fighters to create a one of a kind pick up and play, bloody good time.
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MURDER PALACE’s has been carving out their signature sound — a brooding and mysterious energy intent on surfacing the listener’s deepest, most profound thoughts. Producers of high-end, polished, cinematic content, MURDER PALACE strives to be the best in creating an imaginative and immersive experience for their fans.

Fusing the best of different worlds into one, MURDER PALACE is an alternative reality home to three devious fictional characters — The Muse, The Passenger, and their leader, The Crown Killer — one cannot exist without the other.

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