Planning & Resource Development Request Form

The purpose of the Planning & Resource Development request form is for the PRD department to gather necessary information for requests and ensure fairness and accuracy for billing purposes. Only those with authorized budgeting roles within a member organization should submit requests.

Please note: Advanced planning and lead time are imperative. For grant writing and research projects, please submit your request as soon as possible. For all other projects, please submit your request two weeks in advance.

You will be contacted for follow-up and further discussion. In addition, a project brief and project budget will be generated within the first week of a request. Approval of the brief and budget, is required before work can begin. Confirmation of receipt of requested materials is the responsibility of the requesting party.

Requesting parties will be billed monthly on the basis of pre-arranged memoranda of understanding. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Jordan at, or call 607-776-9467 ext. 231.
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