NCCGP Advisory Committee Interest Form
This form is an expression of interest in becoming a volunteer Advisor for the North Carolina Community Garden Partners. The Advisory Committee invests time and energy to support the NCCGP network and the work of part-time staff. After submission of this form, a member of the NCCGP team will contact you for a follow-up conversation. If you have any additional questions, please contact Erin Lee, NCCGP Project Coordinator, at or 919-621-8453.
To learn more about the advisory role, visit
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Why are you interested in being an NCCGP Advisor, and what excites you about this opportunity?
What aspect of community voice do you feel that you represent or bring to the table?
What relevant skills or knowledge areas do you feel that you bring to the table?
Do you have any other organizational involvement that you'd like us to know about?
How much time are you willing and able to dedicate to this committee (hours per month)?
What, if any, hesitations or concerns do you have about being an NCCGP advisor?
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