Consumer Survey for Eco Period Kit
Thank you for using our Eco Period Kit. We appreciate your time and effort to share your feedback with us.
We hope that the Kit has allowed you to test all the options and switch to the option you found the most comfortable.
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Did you know about the harmful effects and non-biodegradable nature of regular sanitary napkins before you heard about us? *
Did you know about the harmful chemicals used in regular sanitary napkins? *
After using the Kit contents across at least two cycles, what are you most comfortable using in the future? *
What are your reasons for not choosing to use reusable/biodegradable alternatives? *
List the feature that you look for in menstrual absorbents in the order of preference? *
Long lasting
Easy to dispose of
Dry outer cover
Soft outer cover
Eco friendly
Easy to Dispose Of
Dry outer cover
Soft outer cover
Eco friendly
How were you disposing your regular sanitary napkin? *
Has using the Kit products over 2 cycles help reduce or omit any UTI infections you were dealing with regularly prior to switching to the Kit products? *
What product do you use for intimate wash? *
Does the cloth pad manage overnight flow? *
What do you prefer? *
What reusable/ biodegradable products were you aware of before using the kit? *
Had you tried any of the reusable/ biodegradable products before the kit? If yes, which ones? *
Do you have any suggestions/feedback on the Kit?
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