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Below is a short description of the various subteams. Feel free to visit us on our website at www.werocketry.com for more information. If you have any other questions, feel free to email werocketry@gmail.com.

Subteam Descriptions
Aerostructure: Forms the basic structure and shape of the rocket, allowing the rocket to withstand outside forces for the duration of flight and protect the other systems which allow the rocket to fly.
Avionics: Creates the system controls, backup controls configuration, the sensor systems, and the controls bay design to house these components.
Propulsion: Provides the rocket with sufficient thrust to achieve flight. Different rockets can be propelled by different fuels and mechanisms. For our purposes, WERT's rocket is a solid fuel chemical rocket.
Recovery: Ejects a parachute from the rocket shortly after the rocket reaches apogee, its highest point, and is used to complete objectives such as data collection, imaging, and experimentation.

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