St Brigid Pizza Lunch - October & November 2016
Thank you for supporting St Brigid pizza lunches! Your money goes to field trip buses, scientists in the school and other enriching and fun activities that complement your child's academic education!

1) Submit 1 form per student before Sept. 28th
2) Send payment by Sept. 28th with teacher(s) & child(ren)'s name

Please send exact amount, no change will be given, no refund for student absences.

Cheques are appreciated and can be made to St.Brigid CSAC. For multiple children, you may submit one cheque; please send in all order forms & indicate children’s names on cheque.

Pre-orders only, please. No same day orders. Late orders are accepted for future pizza days.

CSAC cannot operate pizza lunch without the help of parent volunteers. If you would like to be a “Pizza Parent” on some Tuesdays, or can help us count $ on the above noted due date, drop us a line at

***** Indicate the name of the teacher(s) & child(ren) when sending your payment *****

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