SE Wellness Center Customer Survey
This survey is to be filled out by individuals who would like to communicate how they feel about their Wellness Center. Please be thoughtful in your responses and we thank you for your time and candidness.
Does the Wellness Center play a role in your decision to attend and/or stay at Southeastern?
Do you feel the Wellness Center is a safe place that allows you to be comfortable while exercising?
If no, what could we improve to promote your comfort:
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Do you feel that having access to the Wellness Center adds to/complements your academic experience at Southeastern?
If yes, can you comment about what role you feel we play?
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I am happy with my Wellness Center
The staff are friendly and helpful:
The facility is clean:
I would like to see the facility open (specify hours/events, etc):
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I enjoy using the facility on (check all that apply):
I find the facility could use more (Check all that apply):
I would be willing to pay for additional services:
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please tell us how we can better serve you!
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If you would like someone to contact you, please enter your name and email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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