Support Human Rights in Honduras
Thank you for taking action in solidarity with Honduras. Please fill out the form below and we will send the following letter to your Representative on your behalf either thanking them if they signed Rep. Shakowsky's Letter on Honduras or we send them a message urging them to end US military aid to Honduran security forces. See the list of 108 signers below. Thank you!

Dear Representative,

I want to thank you for signing on to Rep. Shakowsky's Dear Colleague letter on Honduras. Your continued support for human rights, democracy and a fair US foreign policy in the Americas is much appreciated.

Your constituent,

Dear Representative,

As your constituent I am disappointed that you were not one of the 108 signers of Rep. Shakowsky's Dear Colleague letter on the human rights situation in Honduras. The continued repression and assassination of human rights defenders in Honduras, mostly at the hands of Honduras' own military and police forces is very alarming to me. The majority of perpetrators of politically motivated assassinations have remained at large now after 5 years since the coup d'etat ousted President Mel Zelaya. Assassinations and political repression have continued after the November 2013 elections of Juan Orlando Hernandez. Just last month elected members of the Honduran congress were brutalized and tear gassed inside the Honduran congressional building by Honduran military police.

I urge you to support human rights in Honduras and do everything within your power to see that my US tax payer money does not go to fund human rights abuses by the Honduran military and police. Thank you for your time.

your constituent,

text of the letter can be read here:

Schakowsky Honduras Letter final Signers June 2014

1. Schakowsky (IL)
2. Johnson (GA )
3. Farr (CA)
4. Miller (CA)
5. Grijalva (AZ)
6. Kaptur (OH)
7. McGovern (MA)
8. Lee (CA)
9. DeLauro (CT)
10. Michaud (ME)
11. Tierney (MA)
12. Conyers (MI)
13. DeFazio (OR)
14. Takano (CA) *
15. Capuano (MA)
16. Keating (MA)
17. Waters (CA)
18. Welsh (VT)
19. Moore (WI)
20. Speier (CA)
21. Pingree (ME)
22. McDermott (WA)
23. Bass (CA)
24. Polis (CO)
25. Cicilline (RI)
26. Huffman (CA) *
27. Nadler (NY)
28. Van Hollen (MD)
29. Slaughter (NY)
30. Brady (PA)
31. McCollum (MN)
32. Neal (MA)
33. Honda (CA)
34. Waxman (CA)
35. Matusi (CA)
36. Bera (CA) *
37. McLeod (CA) *
38. Pocan (WI) *
39. Kind (WI)
40. Ellison (MN)
41. Tonko (NY)
42. Lynch (MA)
43. A. Hastings (FL)
44. Castro (TX) *
45. Blumenauer (OR)
46. Langevin (RI)
47. O’Rourke (TX) *
48. Grayson (FL) *
49. Cleaver (MO)
50. Braley (IA)
51. Jackson-Lee (TX)
52. Garamendi (CA)
53. Lewis (GA)
54. Holt (NJ)
55. Chu (CA)
56. Kennedy (MA) *
57. Brownley (CA) *
58. Pascrell (NJ)
59. Clark (MA) *
60. Beatty (OH) *
61. Swalwell (CA) *
62. Gutierrez (IL)
63. Enyart (IL) *
64. Bonamici (OR)
65. Shea-Porter (NH) *
66. D. Davis (IL)
67. Eshoo (CA)
68. Deutch (FL)
69. Bordallo (GU)
70. Doyle (PA)
71. Rangel (NY)
72. Holmes Norton (DC)
73. Doggett (TX)
74. Cohen (TN)
75. Esty (CT) *
76. Lofgren (CA)
77. Sanchez, L (CA)
78. Cartwright (PA) *
79. Thompson (CA)
80. Himes (CT)
81. Peters, G. (MI)
82. Serrano (NY)
83. Connolly (VA)
84. Davis, S. (CA
85. Courtney (CT)
86. Yarmuth (KY)
87. Payne (NJ)
88. McNerney (CA)
89. Vargas (CA) *
90. Kelly (IL) *
91. Moran (VA)
92. Tsongas (MA)
93. Rush (IL)
94. Green, A (TX)
95. Bustos (IL)
96. Rep. Mike Quigley (IL)
97. Rep. Andre Carson (IN)
98. Rep. Annie Kuster (NH)
99. Rep. John Larson (CT)
100. Rep. Lois Frankel (FL)
101. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY)
102. Reps Loretta Sanchez (CA)
103. Rick Larsen (WA)
104. Rep. Donna Edwards
105. Lois Capps (CA)
106. William Lacy Clay (MO)
107 Chaka Fattah (PA)
108 Grace Nopalitano

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