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Glad to see you're interested in expanding your "offline" network in Kuala Lumpur area at LinkedInLocal KL. Feel free to invite your friends to complete this form too as we will have monthly gatherings ahead in Kuala Lumpur and maybe other cities soon. Here's the link to this form:

Also, thanks for helping us understand your expectations better by filling up this form. Although these gatherings will be open to public, you will be among the first who get notified once the details and registration link are out. Kindly note that it will be on "first come, first served" basis and filling up this form does NOT reserve you a seat.

+How do I register then?
-Whenever we announce a meetup details online or by email, we include the registration instructions too. Stay tuned to or expect our monthly emails in your inbox.

Any inquiry could be directed to:

Looking forward to meeting you!

Gholamali (Alish) Shamskhoozani
Head Organizer and Host,
LinkedIn Local Kuala Lumpur

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