Transportation Plan B
All students transported by the Licking Heights school district have a designated drop-off location. Our transportation policy is that the bus driver must see a parent or other designated adult in order to release Kindergarten students from the bus. Students in grades 1-4 are expected to know where to go after they are dropped off (either into their own house, a babysitter's house, etc.)

Sometimes life happens and an adult is not at the stop for a kindergartner, or an older student is unable to enter their house. The goal of "Plan B" is to ensure all students know what to do in these events. "Plan B" could include:

- Kindergartner is permitted to leave the bus with their older sibling
- Students who can't get into their house go to a trusted neighbor
- Students use the garage code to enter the house if they've forgotten their key
- Kindergartner is permitted to leave the bus without an adult visible

Having a Plan B on file helps the Transportation department ensure our routes remain on time and students are dropped off safely. We appreciate your time in completing this form and look forward to a successful school year!

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